Homewood Board of Education kite roof

Pac-Clad Petersen details the installation of their Snap-Clad Panels in lengths of up to sixty feet on the roof of Homewood Board of Education. The roof resembles a kite after the site it sits on, "kite hill."


Homewood Board of Education

The new home for the Homewood Board of Education Central Office in Alabama is a 14,500 sq. ft. modern structure which represents the first phase of a long-term plan to develop a 24 acre site in a suburb of Birmingham.

The contemporary structure was designed by Williams Blackstock Architects, Birmingham. “The roof design was inspired by the site it sits on which was known as Kite Hill,” said architect Kyle Kirkwood. “It’s a spot where kids and parents came to fly kites. The roof, which slopes in two different directions, is representative of the popular site.”