Career day at Helena Intermediate School

Calling future architects! Sharon Hughes and Jeremy Cutts represented Williams Blackstock Architects at Helena Intermediate School Annual Career Day.

After a short presentation on the Day in the Life of an Architect, the kids got into groups to complete an activity. Each group represented a design firm, and were given a client who needed an addition on an existing house. The students were tasked with adding 2 additional bedrooms and a playroom, as well as whatever they thought they should have been added to the project. After drawing their additions out on a site plan, the students were then asked to pass their design to the next group, and the other group had to build what was drawn.

Last year, we gave a presentation explaining what it is that architects do. This year, we included an activity which allowed the kids to experience what it is that architects do. The kids’ increase in engagement and enthusiasm from last year to this year illustrates why experience is the best teacher.
— Jeremy Cutts

This activity gave the students a glimpse into how we work every day, by designing in teams and working together with the builder to bring a client’s vision to life.

I was very impressed with the level of creativity and reasoning the elementary kids used in their designs. Their process was based around their unique life experience, and their view on the world is refreshingly different than ours. Their presentation skills were also impressive; they each spoke with confidence and were supported by their peers. I definitely learned a thing or two from these third graders!
— Sharon Hughes