Birmingham, Alabama


In the spirit of revitalization that is moving through Birmingham, Alabama, the four partners of Cahaba Brewing Company took their love of craft beer, motivated by its growing popularity in the region, as an opportunity to expand their brewery and taproom.  The 21,000 SF renovated space and $65/SF minimal budget was not a hindrance but the foundation for tactful design decisions.

The design features a controlled material palette and priority on craft to create a memorable atmosphere unique among Alabama’s breweries. The interior design respects the existing warehouse structure by reintroducing dramatic daylight through the existing monitor windows giving the reclaimed pine walls a radiance in the afternoons while providing sufficient illumination in the beer production area. Custom tables and chairs were designed from the same reclaimed wood used on the wall to provide customers with various seating options and break-up the expansive space. The glass and metal overhead doors can be opened on nice days and provide additional lighting connecting the taproom to an outdoor patio. The minimal material pallet of torched reclaimed wood, concrete and existing brick along with an integral steel footrest creates an inviting bar area.  Cahaba Brewery has become the gold standard for the brewing of beer as well as the destination to hang out and build community.




21,000 SF


Interior Design


Merit Award, Commercial
AIA, Birmingham

Merit Award
AIA, Alabama

Merit Award
AIA, Gulf States