2015 Birmingham IDIE Awards

WBA took home awards for both Shaeffer Eye Center and the Radella Residence at the biennial IDIE Awards at the newly renovated Florentine Building.


Shaeffer Eye Center

  • Retail Award

As a provider of advanced eye care in the State of Alabama, the new flagship Schaeffer Eye Center in Hoover tangibly translates the pillars of the Schaeffer Eye Center Experience – science, style and service – through its crisp, forward-thinking interior design. Originally the home of a furniture showroom, the new clinic was transformed through a complete gutting of the 10,000-square-foot first floor.


Radella Residence

  • Residential Award

 A tree-lined sandy pathway along Rose Walk leads to this beachside home in Seaside, Florida, a community renowned for its innovative and elegant approach to capturing the character of traditional beachside towns. This 1,962-square-foot house is situated between the pedestrian-only Rose Walk path and Robert’s Way. The importance of this pedestrian path on one side, along with the desire for vehicular access on the other side, drove the design to essentially have two fronts, with two entry porches and two front doors.