2011 IIDIE's Awards


  • Best Institutuinal

The Village Student Dining facility strikes a perfect balance between timeless design and trend-setting style through the use of color, form and rhythm to attract and suit its intended “hip”, 21st-century” clientele. The facility features a curved circulation spine as a key design element, inspiring curved elements throughout the space in the form of curved walls, circular floor patterns, round and arched ceiling planes and banquette seating. An iconic glass tower and clerestory windows provide a focal point and allow natural light to permeate the space while a warm palette of materials creates visual variety and a comfortable atmosphere. At full capacity, the Village Dining can comfortable accommodate 650 student diners in a variety of dining environments.



  • Best Renovation/Honor Award

Contemporary finishes and systems were incorporated into the interior design of the Alagasco Demonstration Center for Energy Technology to reflect the high-tech, innovative nature of the activities contained within. Storage modules for tables and chairs located below glass panels create a spatial separation between the central lobby and the large and small meeting rooms on each side, while large glass doors into the meeting spaces and continuous glass panels above provide views of the heavy timber trusses spanning from space to space, respecting the historical aspects of the original structure.