An Architects Sketchbook — Jonathan Meadows

WBA's very own Jonathan Meadows presented his latest installation at the Alabama Center for Architecture. The installation is a representation of an architects sketchbook brought to life. It creates an immersive experience to the viewer with the architects design process happening all around them.

A site-specific installation created for the Alabama Center for Architecture, “A Walk Through an Architect’s Sketchbook” is a display of the Architect’s thought process through sketching. As a designer, I sketch not to create artwork, but rather as an extension of trying to see and understand the environment around me. By making marks on paper, I inscribe the moment in my mind, for future recall and reflection.
The installation is a digital recreation of my own illustrations, sketched out in massive scale on translucent sheets suspended within the space. Beginning with construction lines the drawing is gradually built, illustrating the focus first on overall proportion and composition, then on detail, and finally color and shadow as watercolors are applied. The installation creates a layered space through zones of transparency and opacity, and the central occupiable space is immersive, with activity occurring all around the viewer.
— Jonathan Meadows