WBA Helps Welcome Veterans Home in St. Clare County

Veterans were welcomed to their new home at the Col. Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home in St. Clare County.

Welcoming our first two residents to the Col. Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home is very special. We look forward to giving future residents the same level of respect they so rightly deserve when we welcome them home.
— Kim Justice, State Veterans Homes executive director


Located on appropriately named Veterans Parkway, the Colonel Robert L. Howard Veterans Home is a state-of-the-art nursing home facility which occupies 27 acres. Designed to provide a sense of community rather than an institutional feel, the 220,000-square-foot complex serves the special needs of its 254 residents. Crafted as a community living center, this sprawling facility is organized as a series of “neighborhoods” and smaller groupings of “houses” to create an intimate, communal setting. Each house includes a shared living room, dining room and a porch that provides a vital connection to outdoor courtyards. To support the community living center design concept, the exterior exhibits a residential scale and creates a sense of individual houses or cottages for the residents, belying its actual size and capacity.