Birmingham, Alabama


The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing is committed to sustaining nursing leadership worldwide and the new state-of-the-art, transformative renovation and expansion of their existing aged facility will help elevate their role in driving the future of nursing education and development around the globe. The design was a “synapse” for collaboration and idea exchange, where all programs come together in the building and circulate the surrounding community of health education through the core of the building. The design creates a new heart of student and faculty spaces connected at the joint between the new and existing buildings by a central atrium and stair.

The existing 1970’s portion of the school was screened by the new dramatic glass structure, which provides a new face and image for the school on the main boulevard through campus. A palette of timeless terrazzo, warm wood, and layers of glass signify a welcoming atmosphere. A combination of new and renovated space on the ground floor brings together classrooms, skills labs and a new nursing competency suite for detailed training and testing. The carefully orchestrated combination of exterior vertical fins and horizontal shades create a unique look on the main thoroughfare of the UAB campus, while controlling solar access, and tying into the context of unique façade features of the surrounding buildings.




72,000 SF


Interior Design