Auburn, Alabama


As a transformational environment embodying the spirit and promotion of learning, the Mell Classroom Building is an effective addition and new entry to the Ralph Brown Draughon Library that serves as an academic “living room” at the heart of the campus. The project met the challenge to transform and advance the academic experience for both students and faculty by promoting a series of teaching methods and interactions both inside and outside of the classroom. Tiered lecture halls, seminar, active learning classrooms, and team study rooms make up the core elements, with each integrating the latest technology to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, enable collaboration, and promote ongoing assessment and evolving pedagogy over the years. Areas outside of classrooms provide easy access locations for impromptu conversations, and open areas adjacent to corridors facilitate active brainstorming sessions. A variety of relaxed areas are located strategically to provide open areas for group study and the exchange of ideas. Glass enclosed study rooms provide increased acoustic and visual privacy as quieter spaces for small group study. Beyond the classroom, the original façade of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library was celebrated as a central focus of the dynamic atrium experience. The Mell Classroom Building is a core part of the undergraduate student’s academic campus experience, significantly improving the culture of interaction and collaboration.




69,000 SF New
38,000 SF Renovation


Interior Design