High Cotton

Irondale, Alabama

This project is an interior renovation of a 57,000SF existing concrete tilt-up panel warehouse with no windows and a 24 foot tall structural deck.  The program was to provide 15,000SF of office space and 43,000SF of production printing space for a company that requires security for the banking industry related business.

The design concept integrates the employees of the production printing side of the business with the administrative office employees for more effective collaboration, and efficiency and create a work environment that inspires, retains and attracts employees, while impressing potential clients.

The design cuts large window openings into the exterior concrete panels to introduce light throughout. The tall ceilings were painted white create an uplifting space for employees to work with transparency, exterior views and daylight throughout.  A central “town center” is located between the office space and production printing space to serve as a café and gathering space for all employees across the company to connect, collaborate and work informally and this space features a large glass window that overlooks and showcases the production side of the company for visitors and office employees.

In the office space glass box “war rooms” float as sculptured glass rooms in the office space and are central hubs for video conferencing and meetings.  The lobby space greets visitors with a dramatic glass full height wall which opens up the entire office space with large pleasant windows to showcase the office operation and create a first impression of sophistication.

A neutral, light white timeless interior is punctuated with company’s trademark bold blue logo color to accentuate the space and give it a fun fresh look.  Environmental graphics reinforce the brand of the company with the logo and core values of the company articulated throughout.